Enclosed you will find further information about possible upcoming industrial action within Lufthansa.

We advise our regional flightattendants to keep yourself updated either via our homepage or contact your local „Personalvertretung“ or just call us at the office in Mörfelden- Walldorf.

Due to a great amount of different information we have to deal with, we would like to apologize for being unable to give you all the detailed information just in time. We will try to do our best to keep you updated here on a regular base.

We kindly like to ask all UFO Members to please print this information and to share it with your fellow regional flightattendants.

Thank you very much.

Due to the failed mediation, the UFO calls the cabin of Lufthansa from 01.07.2015 for to industrial action.

We will actually perform a long-term strike, which will be well-calculated for our customers.

1. We will start on July 1 with a „classic" time limited strike, including protest rallies and manifestations. We will announce exact times and locations the day of the strike itself.

2. On this first day of the strike we will annouce all other strike days afterwards for the following weeks. However, we will only announce on the respective days of strike, which routes, stations, fleets, functions or other sections, we are on strike. Please sign up for quick information at our whatsapp service.

(Please log in first, then the application for members of Lufthansa is visible.)


3. Initially we will perform these above mentioned singular strikes until 09.16.2015.

The frequency and any necessary expansion of these strikes will depend on the readiness of restarting talks by our  Executive Board of Lufthansa. If further escalating szenarios are created by Lufthansa, we will possibly have to carry out unannounced, additional strikes, too.


Info about information channels had been sent to you to by our newsletter from 06.20.2015, here they are again (still in German, we work on it!)



We regret to take this step, but we kindly request all customers, professional circles as well as aviation experts not to complain about flight attendants, but to ask the board why economical and smart restructing ideas by the union are neglected and why action against customers’, share holders' and employees' interests are planned. Customers, staff and unions have proven in recent years that they care a lot.


We have set a deadline for 30th june 2015 / 9 clock to avert the planned strike. We will cancel all strike actions immediately if the following conditions are met:


-LH accepts permanently UFO’s claim that the company’s pension scheme contracts for cabins staff are effective furthermore until new contracts are valid (Nachwirkung nach Vertragskündigung).

-LH accepts the paper of both mediators (dated 28/05/2015) as a common basis for further negotiations concerning company pension and transition pension scheme (AV/ÜV).

-LH provides a negotiable offer on this basis, optionally with the inclusion of other important issues for the cabin from the topic of the agenda.


UFO is willing to discuss these issues with the LH Group Executive Board and to consider how to proceed in order to create a basis for further negotiations. Achieving this goal, LH has to respect existing contracts and has to act according written agreements. Breaking treaties will not be accepted by UFO.


In addition to the virtual information channels we offer you the following roadshow days for personal exchange with us: 


Tuesday, June 23: FRANKFURT, Kiss and Fly: 10h - 16h

Wednesday, June 24: Dusseldorf, Car park / 8th floor: 5h - 12h

Thursday, June 25: FRANKFURT, KISS and Fly: 6h - 14h

Friday, 26 June: Munich, in front of the main entrance to the FOC: from 8h 

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